Two versions of my thesis are available online. What you can download is in both cases a compressed archive (suppose you store the downloaded document as "file"), which can be uncompressed and extracted by When extracting the PostScript archive, a collection of PostScript files will be created in the current directory, which makes up the entire thesis. When extracting the Notebook archive, a subdirectory "Online" will be created, in which you find all the notebooks and a subdirectory "Proofs" with all the proofs stored as separate notebooks. The Notebook version can be read by Mathematica 4.1 (or higher) on any platform where Mathematica is available. The notebooks contain hyperlinks in between each other, they also support other interactive features of the Mathematica FrontEnd. If you moreover have a valid and recent Theorema license, you can also run all the commands and reproduce some of the proofs in the thesis.